We believe that music is an essential part of the human experience.

Music instruction and opportunities to participate in music should be affordable and accessible to youth and adults in every neighbourhood in Victoria.

Don’t you agree?

Come on into our home to find out more about how you can learn to make music with us and contribute to a new foundation for building a culture of music within our families and community.




BC Fiddle Orchestra Tune Book Volume I 


Daniel Lapp's House of Music Society has produced the BC Fiddle Orchestra Tune Book Volume I, celebrating 54 songs recorded by BCFO between 1994 and 2014. The music is part of a rich fiddle history in Canada and includes traditional tunes from the British Isles, Europe, Canada from coast to coast and many tunes by Daniel himself.

Thanks to the generous support of The Hugh and Helen Mogenson Fund, through the Victoria Foundation and Fastrac Print & Mail, the book was made available to students free of charge.

BCFO Tune Book Volume II is "in the works". This will feature unrecorded repertoire from the BC Fiddle Orchestra’s 22 year history.


 music in kitchen parties, concerts, family dances, and recording studios.


to become musicians, collaborate with others,
and entertain


live music with instruments and voices while developing skills and deepening our commitment to music.


our musical heritage and traditions.


the inspiration of music to enrich and transform our lives, our families, and our community.


in confidence to play, improvise and perform.